WR255: Live at Torque Brewing with Laura Artus, Nic Dyson and JayWood

Episode 255 November 02, 2017 01:32:31
WR255: Live at Torque Brewing with Laura Artus, Nic Dyson and JayWood
Witchpolice Radio
WR255: Live at Torque Brewing with Laura Artus, Nic Dyson and JayWood

Nov 02 2017 | 01:32:31


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

On Oct. 1, Witchpolice Radio took to the stage at **[Torque Brewing](https://torquebrewing.beer/) ** for our first live podcast in almost a year. This episode was called _Mutual Appreciation Society_ , and the premise was that we had three local musicians on the show to talk about songwriting and (more importantly) cover each other's songs! Because the sound equipment for this event was kind of MacGyvered together (huge thanks to **UMFM** for the mics!), the audio quality is, to be honest, not great, but that kind of goes with the territory on a live podcast. The songs -- by **Laura Artus** , **[Nic Dyso](https://nicdysonmusic.bandcamp.com/)n** and **[JayWood](https://jaywood1.bandcamp.com/) ** \-- sound awesome, though. Thanks to our awesome guests for stepping out of their comfort zones and covering songs by artists they'd never heard before. Thanks to everyone who came out, and a huge thanks to Adam at Torque for letting us use such a fantastic venue for the show! **...and if you like Torque, be sure to check out their Brew Ha Ha comedy event at the brewery on Nov. 7, plus the release of their Rabbit Punch black IPA on Nov. 14!** If you like this podcast, please support it. At [our Patreon page](http://www.patreon.com/witchpolice), you can help us keep pumping out quality podcasts about the Winnipeg music scene for as little as $1 a month. Huge thanks to all of our patrons!

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