WR208: Jill Alexander

Episode 208 November 30, 2016 00:53:46
WR208: Jill Alexander
Witchpolice Radio
WR208: Jill Alexander

Nov 30 2016 | 00:53:46


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

When we released our most recent Big Mix-Up episode (#3 in the series so far!), a lot of listeners had the same question: who was the girl with the huge voice? It's not unreasonable to ask. The owner of that voice, soul/R&B/hip-hop/gospel powerhouse Jill Alexander, is a relative newcomer to the local music scene, which she's hoping to take over by storm. We sat down with Jill to talk about her musical background, the new releases she has in the works with Thunder Bay-based BME Studios Canada, the use of her music to reach out to people suffering from PTSD, and much more.

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