WR206: The Big MIx-Up 3 live at The Park Theatre

Episode 206 November 15, 2016 01:21:11
WR206: The Big MIx-Up 3 live at The Park Theatre
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WR206: The Big MIx-Up 3 live at The Park Theatre

Nov 15 2016 | 01:21:11


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

We're back with another edition of our ridiculous live improvised music show, the Big Mix-Up! The third installment took place Oct. 30 at Winnipeg's historic Park Theatre. The premise of the show remains the same: Winnipeg musicians from across a wide spectrum of genres come together and form randomized 'bands' to perform improvised music on stage. The genres and themes of their songs are based on audience suggestions. Mix-Up 3 may not have had a massive turnout (due to it being the tail-end of the Halloween weekend), but it did feature a powerhouse performance from musicians Harley James Flett, Joel Klaverkamp, Jesse Bercier, Trevor Graumann, Jill Alexander, Seamus Hamilton-Pattison, Drew Diduke, Alexis Flower, Paul Durrant, Maclean Thiessen and Lasha Mowchun.

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