WR191: Limblifter

Episode 191 August 02, 2016 00:37:53
WR191: Limblifter
Witchpolice Radio
WR191: Limblifter

Aug 02 2016 | 00:37:53


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

If you're a regular listener to this podcast, you may have heard an episode we did earlier this year with Dwayne Larson, a Winnipeg concert photographer who also blogs about music on It's A Music Thing. Dwayne does a lot of great interviews with touring bands, so we're teaming up with him to present some of those on our podcast, and hopefully Dwayne will be involved in some regular episodes and other Witchpolice projects in future. To kick off his contributions to the podcast, here's an interview he did with Ryan Dahle of Limblifter when they were in town for a show at the Handsome Daughter last month. They talk about Limblifter's new album, the band's longevity, Ryan's other projects, like Age of Electric and Mounties ...and a lot more.

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