WR182: The Big Mix-Up

Episode 182 June 01, 2016 01:27:37
WR182: The Big Mix-Up
Witchpolice Radio
WR182: The Big Mix-Up

Jun 01 2016 | 01:27:37


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Live from Winnipeg's Park Theatre, it's Witchpolice Radio's Big Mix-Up! Volume one (oh yes, there will be more) of our randomized jam-band crapshoot improv extravaganza was a smashing success, with unrehearsed, on-the-spot creations like "Skanald Trump" and "Disco Banana". The premise of the show was that 15+ local musicians -- of all genres and styles -- were gathered together and drawn randomly into "bands" who were forced to create songs based on audience suggestions with no preparation whatsoever.

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