WR118: Occvlt Hand

Episode 118 March 17, 2015 01:36:19
WR118: Occvlt Hand
Witchpolice Radio
WR118: Occvlt Hand

Mar 17 2015 | 01:36:19


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

This week we're talking "nutrition" songs with **Terrance Williams** and **Josh Bedry** of doom/sludge/hardcore band **[Occvlt Hand](http://www.facebook.com/occvlthand), ** who recently released their debut cassette, _[Devils Work](http://occvlthand.bandcamp.com/releases)._ If you like metal and/or food, this is the podcast episode for you! The fellas talk about eating healthy, occult imagery, tapes vs. CD-Rs and more. Regular listeners may recognize Terrance from his previous appearance on the show back in Oct. 2013 or from his other gig as co-host of the [Couch Surfin'](http://www.garbagehillnetwork.com/couchsurfin/) podcast, our pals on the [Garbage Hill Podcast Network](http://www.garbagehillnetwork.com/).

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