WR111: METZ/Subsistench

Episode 111 January 28, 2015 00:51:31
WR111: METZ/Subsistench
Witchpolice Radio
WR111: METZ/Subsistench

Jan 28 2015 | 00:51:31


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

This week's episode is a little unusual, in that it's made up of two interviews with out-of-town musicians. The first half of the show is an interview Sam did with **Alex Edkins** of Toronto noise-rock band **[METZ](http://www.metzztem.com/) ** for [Stylus Magazine](http://stylusmagazine.ca/2015/01/21/metz-heavy-gritty-loud/). METZ are currently touring Western Canada with a couple of dates in Winnipeg (happening right around the time of this episode's release). They also have a new LP coming out this spring. The second half of the episode is conversation with the big homie **[Doug Feaver](http://www.witchpolice.com/2013/11/witchpolice-radio-episode-50-saturn.html) ** of Montreal sewer rockers **[Subsistench](http://swollencityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/subsistench-plastic-lies-demo)** (not to mention **[Dead Future](http://deadfuture.bandcamp.com/)** , **[Corona Ferox](http://coronaferox.bandcamp.com/)** and more). Subsistench has a new cassette out and they have an interesting connection with this podcast. A year or so ago, Doug was going to host some of his own Witchpolice Radio episodes out east, but when he sat down to record the first one, he ended up starting a band with the guest instead.

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