WR036: Nestor Wynrush / JD Ormond

Episode 36 August 08, 2013 02:28:12
WR036: Nestor Wynrush / JD Ormond
Witchpolice Radio
WR036: Nestor Wynrush / JD Ormond

Aug 08 2013 | 02:28:12


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

If there's such thing as a "very special episode" of Witchpolice Radio, this is it. When we realized #36 was coming around, we temporarily scrapped the regular format of a randomly-generated theme word and decided to make a one-off (for now, anyway) episode specifically about one group: the Wu-Tang Clan. To help us nerd out about the Wu, we invited past guests Elliott Walsh, a/k/a Nestor Wynrush, (who first appeared on episode #19) and Ultra Mega frontman JD Ormond (episode #13) along for the ride. What you get here is about two-and-a-half hours of Wu-Tang love, plus some awesome song choices from throughout the career of the group and its many, many offshoots. Despite the length of the thing, the Wu mythology (and discography) is so deep that we barely scratched the surface.

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