WR019: Nestor Wynrush

Episode 19 April 04, 2013 01:39:51
WR019: Nestor Wynrush
Witchpolice Radio
WR019: Nestor Wynrush

Apr 04 2013 | 01:39:51


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

This week's guest is Nestor Wynrush (aka Elliott Walsh), a familiar face (and voice) in the local music scene. Elliott helped us -- in another four-host show -- talk about the "Paperback" theme. This episode is a little more sprawling and off-topic than usual, but it's pretty great, and is one of my personal favourites of the year so far. Get literary with Witchpolice Radio. If you're unfamiliar with Elliott's music, which he kind of downplayed on the show, you should definitely check it out, especially his excellent free live album on Marathon of Dope.

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