From the Vault: Chivas and Kream (2014)

Episode 835 October 11, 2023 01:10:49
From the Vault: Chivas and Kream (2014)
Witchpolice Radio
From the Vault: Chivas and Kream (2014)

Oct 11 2023 | 01:10:49


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Here's a re-release of one of the "lost" podcasts from 2014 -- an early Witchpolice recording that didn't get added to the current podcast feed.

This one was originally released as #65, featuring local rap duo Chivas and Kream, known for their work on the Deafwish label.

I hope you dig it. It's in the show's old format, so if you're new to Witchpolice Radio, you're better off listening to a 2023 episode, but if you're looking for a fun throwback, here we are.

Here's what we said about it nine years ago: 

This week's theme is "breakfast" and it features a brand new song by guests Chivas and Kream (Deafwish) written and recorded specifically for the podcast. The fellas chat about breakfast foods, grunge-lite and more.

Back to your regularly-scheduled programming next episode!

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