WR723: Nestor Wynrush

Episode 723 September 12, 2022
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Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Winnipeg rapper/poet/mentor/administrator/multi-hyphenate Nestor Wynrush is back on the show to talk about an ambitious new live mixtape project, taking place Sept. 16 at the West End Cultural Centre!

The project, in collaboration with Wall to Wall Mural and Culture Festival and organizations including the Winnipeg Art Gallery, includes intergenerational collaborations between established and emerging local artists.

Really insightful conversation. This episode also features music by artists connected to the event (selected by Ness), including Anthony OKS, Super Duty Tough Work, JayWood, and Bluebloods.

Want to hear more of Ness? He's on the following episodes as a guest: #019 (April 2013), #036 (Aug. 2013), #042 (Sept. 2013), #150 (Oct. 2015), #287 (May 2018). He hosted on #101 (Nov. 2014),  #167 (Feb. 2016), and there's probably more I'm forgetting about.

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